This is a reminder that we have all parts needed in stock here in Tauranga. This has been arranged for you, in order to get parts fast. So please feel free to call me anytime to discuss what you may need, to keep your system well maintained.

Your invoice will come directly from our international head office and will include the cost of your item, the international shipping fee the national courier charges. Shipping varies in size and weight and starts at USD $40. 

We have almost everything, from tubing to insufflators, elements, kettle, electrode probes, all kinds of fittings, lights and FIR replacements to keep your Unit ship shape.

I have insufflation bags, ozone generators for purification of water, food and air ( from my colleagues Kim and Pierre) benchtop medical ozone generators for customers to use or rent at home for rectal insufflation (from my colleague Justine) ozone stone bubblers and my ozone infused skin and body care “MO”.

Our great technicians Brendan and Walter are on call to provide a service, should you require that ( if it’s out of my league).

Our units need constant care and maintenance, especially at the 15-month mark. As with any technology clean up, servicing and equipment testing, tagging and recalibration are important. The FSM toggles, lights, pipe clearing, touch screen and kettle need attention and monitoring.


You will all have received set up explanation, training on how to use your unit, a training manual, care for customers and maintenance.  At times we need refreshers, so please feel free to arrange a refresher course if need be. There are also updated user manuals, please let me know if you require one. All the advertising flyers have been updated to comply with FDA advertising legislation.

I am available 24/7 on my mobile to answer questions and support you, however, do recommend that if you are feeling unsure or need clarity that you book more training, please.

My training offered, is not just for setting up your units, this is included in your purchase and is a good overall run-through of the training manual. Additional, optional training for yourself and staff, is available to assist with the direction of your health and wellness programs in your business. Sports fitness, muscle rehabilitation, anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, operation prep and recovery, chemo integration, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, meditation retreats, mental wellbeing,  but especially to cover contraindications and health and safety for our business, staff and the community we help.


The patented HU=GO high-intensity PEMF system is a great addition to any business or home user.

We also have big specials on home care HOCATT units, starting at USD$10 K. You can email or text me for pricing.

Our systems have been designed by engineers and scientists and supported by Ozone specialists within the global medical fraternity. Our ozone generators are guaranteed to produce medical grade ozone and our oxygen source comes from a medical grade oxygen concentrator. The CEO is at the site and oversees the quality of manufacture and parts constantly improving and upgrading the technology. The units are assembled in China as a centre point for better global accessibility.

There will be many cheap ozone saunas coming into New Zealand now and I urge you to recognise and educate your community on the importance of the quality and safety of our technology. The main points being the materials ours are made from (check out https://www.craftechind.com/top-8-ozone-safe-plastics/ ) ours is ABS others are all plain acrylic/fibreglass or silver fabric (Acrylic is made of polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA, a material mixed filler, also known as artificial marble its performance is not as effective as ABS (mesashower, 2019). So is synthetic material in the form of tents. We are ultimately doing transdermal delivery and we do not want a degrading substance mixing with the medical-grade ozone that delivers oxygen. 

The second main point of difference is the legislation over hazardous substances (HAZNO) in this country and electrical safety requirements. Our system is the only one that destroys any residual ozone before opening the unit with our unique commercial, external destructor. Our training provides uniformity, our safety vetting complies with New Zealand law, so far as practicably possible. Because we have worked together to keep these things in place, we are able to run our practices.

“ help YOUR body help itself” with HOCATT™ .