Welcome to the world of HOCATT™ sessions—a sanctuary of rejuvenation and revitalization awaits you! Embark on a transformative journey towards improved muscle function, radiant skin, enhanced focus, heightened nerve function, and reduced fatigue. A fully immersive Spa session in 30 minutes!

Immerse yourself in the refreshing touch of transdermal ozone, revitalizing your body and skin. Embrace the invigorating boost of supercharged oxygen, igniting detoxification pathways and sparking vital ATP energy production.

Our method seamlessly harmonizes with the proven technique of mild whole-body Hyperthermia. Visualize a personalized HOCATT™ session, enveloped in soothing steam infused with plant extracts and ozone for 20 to 30 serene minutes. This gentle process balances your core functions—hormones, immunity, perspiration, and circulation. Your head is exposed to cool fresh air for added comfort.

Safety is paramount. With advanced training, we uphold the highest health standards, tailoring protocols for each individual. Our HOCATT™ setup features specialized ozone destructors for a secure experience, preventing “off-gassing” or ozone inhalation.

Rest assured, our approach is scientifically supported. Professor Bocci’s 1999 study “Quasi-total body exposure to Oxygen/Ozone in a sauna cabinet” validates our hyperthermic ozone method. The International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy and The International Ozone Association Pan American Groups continue to publish ozone-related research.

Experience harmony within your essential functions—hormones, immunity, perspiration, and circulation—all naturally aligned. Bathed in gentle steam, surrounded by healing plant extracts and ozone, accompanied by soothing LED light technology. 

Join us in embracing holistic wellness, where science and serenity unite. Discover the HOCATT™ difference—a haven of relaxation, rejuvenation, and restoration.

This impactful session can be scheduled from 3 times a week for maximal impact to every 3 weeks for maintenance. Your wellness journey starts here.