Michelle is a licensed esthetician skilled in facial osteopathy, esthetics, and massage. She’s also an expert in transdermal ozone application (via the skin) and holds a degree in community health and occupational health and safety. Working from a tranquil and private space, Michelle focuses on custom treatments to boost skin and body vitality. With over 35 years of experience in skincare, she brings her expertise to clients, having started as the top graduate in 1989. 

Leading up to 2010, her personal journey was marked by significant health challenges. Among these struggles was the early detection of cervical cancer, which necessitated surgery. During her healing process, she embarked on a journey to Thailand. This trip exposed her to the organic and gentle incorporation of regenerative techniques into everyday life in the country.

The experience in Thailand had a profound impact on her perspective. It prompted a fundamental change in her business strategy, shifting her focus towards regenerative therapies and emphasising the importance of integrative approaches. This transformation not only altered how she viewed her own healing journey but also influenced her approach as a practitioner, both for body and skin care.

At the core of her approach lies a commitment to ethical practices and evidence-based services firmly rooted in scientific understanding. She seamlessly blends these principles with universal energy, intuitive insights, extensive expertise, advanced knowledge, and the serendipitous opportunities that cross her path. Throughout her endeavours, the well-being and safety of her clients remain her utmost concern.

Immigrating to New Zealand in 2012, Michelle holds the distinction of being the longest-standing global HOCATT™ practitioner, a staunch advocate for Signature Health Ltd, the developers of HOCATT and HUGO PEMF.

She introduced this innovative technology to New Zealand and Australia in 2012, gaining popularity as an esteemed professional in her specialised field.

Michelle bridges traditional healing techniques and modern technology with a primary focus on the regenerative medicine approach. Her work falls within the realm of energy medicine, encompassing various techniques.

In addition to her local and international travels, she facilitates demonstrations, promotions detox retreats, offers skin therapy sessions, and provides training to clinic owners about the revitalising effects of transdermal ozone.

Adding to her repertoire of services is the latest innovation: a non-surgical facelift procedure incorporating hands-on intraoral TMJ, Buccal massage, and Sculptural Face Lifting techniques.