If you’re considering investing in the HOCATT™, you’re delving into an advanced  wellness technology that offers a range of benefits for both personal and professional use. Here’s what you need to know:

What is the HOCATT™ Device? 

HOCATT™ Is a cutting-edge device, designed to combine the therapeutic effects of ten specially designed applications together or independently. The machine delivers these elements through a multi-functional steam sauna chamber, offering a comprehensive approach to wellness.

Key Features and Benefits:

Potential of Ozone: HOCATT™ brings the power of ozone to the forefront. By introducing supercharged oxygen to the body, it enhances circulation, supports the immune system, and boosts various physiological processes . While ozone isn’t directly absorbed through the skin, its interaction with the skin’s surface allows it to penetrate the dermal layers and settle as a lipid oxidation product within long-chain fatty acids. This distinctive process aids in deep cleansing, fostering the expression of growth factors, and promoting wound healing, collagen synthesis, and fibroblast proliferation and energy production.


The device induces mild whole-body hyperthermia, raising your core body temperature. This process is believed to aid in detoxification, modulate hormone and immune responses, improve circulation, and support overall well-being.

Carbonic Acid:

The optional inclusion of Carbonic acid  involves the use of dissolved carbon dioxide to stimulate blood flow, enhance penetration, and potentially improve skin health and overall vitality. Also known as the “Bohr” effect.

Aromatic Steam and Far Infrared:

The inclusion of plant infused steam and far infrared technology offers muscle relaxation and potential benefits for skin health while supporting detoxification.

Frequency-Specific Microcurrents:

Enhance the body’s neurological messaging functions.

Customisable Sessions: HOCATT™ sessions are adjustable to suit individual preferences and wellness goals, making it a versatile tool for various health and wellness purposes.

Considerations for Purchase:

Professional Use: HOCATT™ technology can be an attractive addition to wellness clinics, spas, and health centers. It’s designed for both personal and professional use, offering a wide range of potential clients the opportunity to experience its Spa like benefits, without the expense, time and space for nine other therapies.


Proper training and understanding of the machine’s operation are crucial. Whether you’re purchasing for personal use or professional practice, make sure you receive adequate training to ensure safe and effective usage. We provide free set-up and basic machineability, with an option for professional training and personalised support and mentoring with Michelle.

Complimentary Basic Machinability (Included with HOCATT™ purchase): 

As part of your HOCATT™ purchase, on behalf of Signature Health who you have purchased your unit from, we’re pleased to offer you Complimentary Basic Machinability. This foundational training includes a review of provided manuals and an introduction to machine operation. You’ll also be awarded a Basic Training Certificate upon completing an online quiz, enhancing your expertise.

Professional Advanced Training (Optional – Extra Cost): 

As a seasoned health and skincare specialist, Michelle offers you the chance to delve deeper into the world of transdermal ozone therapy. This training is a must for those craving a comprehensive understanding. It provides valuable insights and practical strategies, whether you’re interested in facials, topical products, home use, or a detailed exploration of how HOCATT™ impacts our bodies. This focused training also equips you with business tactics, personalised client support, mastery of effective session protocols and mentoring. Additionally, it opens doors to the latest research in the field.

Opting for this advanced training will enhance your expertise and earn the esteemed Professional Advanced Certificate. While it’s an optional investment, the unparalleled value it brings back to you is truly exceptional.

Safety and Regulations: Ensure that the machine meets safety and regulatory standards. Consider the warranties, customer support, and maintenance options the manufacturer offers.


If you’re considering the HOCATT™ for specific health concerns, it’s advisable to consult with Michelle to determine its suitability for your needs.

Purchasing the HOCATT™ device can offer a wide array of wellness benefits, from detoxification and relaxation to potential physiological improvements. However, due diligence, proper training, and a clear understanding of its features and benefits are essential before making a purchase decision. 

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