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Official Distributor and International Trainer for the HOCATT Ozone and HUGO PEMF Devices Across New Zealand and Australia

We offer five devices, with prices currently starting at $14,000 USD for a Classic Home Unit. Our range includes four professional systems, which vary in cost based on features. These systems may incorporate Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) technology within the device, include a separate standalone PEMF device, or provide nine modalities without PEMF. Please note that shipping costs are not included and will be calculated at the time of the quote request.

Investing in Hyperthermic Ozone Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology. In your home or clinic.

Welcome to the Online Training program—a personalised journey to empower you with knowledge and skills from the comfort of your own space. This interactive experience is designed to cater to your specific needs and schedule, providing comprehensive insights into ozone, oxygen, and PEMF applications and the proper setup of your devices..

Step into a realm of hands-on expertise and immersive learning with In-Person On-Site Assistance—an enriching journey that brings wellness knowledge and skills right to your doorstep. Just as our Online Training program offers personalised empowerment from the comfort of your space, our in-person assistance offers fast-tracked, real-time guidance and support, saving you time.

I have had the pleasure of being inspired, trained and supported by Michelle for HOCATT™ and HU-GO™ PEMF set up at my new little business in Mount Maunganui. Michelle is professional and experienced in the practical and technical applications of the HOCATT™ and has such passion for using and managing the modalities within the technology. She is an asset to Signature Health and to anyone wanting to use or be trained in the safe and correct application of the technology. She went above and beyond to assist and provide her knowledge. She is a great educator with a simplistic yet detailed delivery of theory and information regarding the body, client management and consulting. I highly recommend Michelle for training and ongoing support. Her input and training are vital for any new Practitioner, a valuable asset to your knowledge, confidence and business.

Angela Neville , Oceanbeach Oxygen N.Z.

I was referred to Michelle by Signature Health as the expert to help with any questions. Michelle`s passion for oxygen, ozone and HOCATT™ was fascinating. This inspired me to add the technology into my clinic. I completed the complementary basic training with Michelle. Keen to understand more about how the technology works, I signed up for Michelle`s personal Professional Advanced training course, which I found incredible. Michelle is an amazing educator; she delves deep into the details, very patient, kind and quick to respond to my many messages and questions. The more I studied with her, the hungrier I became for more knowledge. I now have personal one-on-one mentoring/tutoring with her. I absolutely love the system she has for personalised business support; it is of great value to me. Michelle has an extreme amount of knowledge. I feel very blessed to call this woman my mentor. Thank you, Michelle.

Majella , Owner Operator INNER WELLBEING Australia.

I refer to Michelle as “the Oracle.” ask her a question, and you will learn so many elements and layers to support that answer. She has a worldly and wise approach to building bridges, relationships and knowledge with integrity.Patient and equipped with so much experience, you learn more with each conversation. Her HOCATT™ oxygen and ozone training is a must; she is an incredible leader and facilitator while being warm, approachable, and considerate. I engaged Michelle for post-graduate workshops a few years after certifying for the real nitty gritty questions after some time working with the Machine. I love going to a deeper level of knowledge with her and this incredible device.

Jennifer Dixon , Owner at Embellish Inc Australia.

Michelle was on a plane immediately to give me professional training and set up my HOCATT™ and a small business at home offering wellness treatments. It was very daunting at first, and I’d often ring Michelle at all hours in tears, hoping I was doing things right. She was amazing and always calmed me down with her great advice and knowledge, not only of the machine but also of the science of the body. Michelle was fantastic at getting back to me, and my confidence grew. I highly recommend her mentoring and training to anyone buying a HOCATT™. No matter what day of the week, time or even what part of the world she was in,” Thanks, Michelle.

Sara , Alpine Wellness

Michelle is extremely helpful. Right from the start with information before I purchased my HOCATT. When it arrived, she flew down, helped me to set up and did three days of training, which was great. I had everything explained in depth, yet simply, now, when I have had any questions, she gets back to me quickly. Thorough in everything she does, I find her amazing to deal with. Thanks, Michelle 💕

Samara , Naturopathic Approach

Michelle is truly knowledgeable in her field and quick to respond to Client requirements. She is always supportive and reachable. She does not hesitate to share her years of experience and expertise to support her clients and those in need. Her skills and friendly service delivery come highly recommended.

Wilmien , Ozone Infusion

Michelle is truly knowledgeable in her field and quick to respond to Client requirements.  She is always supportive and reachable.  She does not hesitate to share her years of experience and expertise in order to support her clients and those in need. Her skills and friendly service delivery comes highly recommended.” From Wilmien

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