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Welcome to a transformative journey guided by Michelle’s unique approach to her work. Picture a bridge that connects time-honoured healing techniques with the cutting-edge wonders of modern technologies. Michelle’s commitment lies in the heart of Regenerative Medicine — a realm that harnesses the body’s innate power to enhance stem cell growth, an evolving field where experts unlock therapies in harmony with our natural healing mechanisms.

In Michelle’s toolkit, with a gentle hands-on approach, you’ll find an array of techniques ranging from the soothing tones of sound and colour therapy to the magnetic pull of magnet therapy, the precision of frequency specifics, and the rhythmic harmony of tapping vibration. All these techniques spring from the belief in a life force that envelops us, neatly fitting under the broad banner of energy medicine. Regenerative medicine, a realm dedicated to rejuvenating skin, soft tissue, and organs marred by age, injury, or ailments, can be pursued whether medical intervention is needed or not.

At the forefront of innovation, Michelle’s practice embraces recent technological advancements, offering you state-of-the-art therapies fueled by the power of cutting-edge computer technologies. Think of the transformative 10-in-1 HOCATT™ Ozone Technology and the invigorating pulse of HU-GO™ Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. Visualise the finesse of Nano needling and the uplifting touch of Sculptural Face Lifting. These sought-after services, celebrated globally and backed by rigorous scientific research, epitomise skin and body health excellence.

Embedded within Michelle’s work are her core values, that radiate like beacons—safeguarding health and ensuring safety, fostering open dialogue and transparency, embracing constant growth through ongoing education, adapting dynamically for optimal outcomes, and offering a guiding light to those navigating the path of well-being. Collaborating closely within her network and community, Michelle becomes a catalyst for improved health outcomes while standing unwaveringly by ethical practices.

Her ultimate vision? It’s the pursuit of holistic well-being—a space where comfort, health, and happiness intermingle seamlessly. Imagine a symphony orchestrated by the mind, body, spirit, community/family, and environment. Michelle thrives on ideas rooted in systemic and quantum medicine, reshaping the way we understand our bodies’ intricate balance and journey toward equilibrium. So step onto this transformative bridge and explore a realm where ancient wisdom meets the latest breakthroughs—a space where well-being truly thrives. 


Is a do-it-yourself biology aimed at improving performance, health, and well-being through strategic interventions.

Quantum Medicine

Is a holistic medicine that restores and keeps the body in a state of balance


Is a self-regulating process by which biological systems tend to maintain stability while adjusting to conditions


Is what relates to or affects an entire body system


Is a state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. It involves the mind, body, spirit, community/family and roots/environment.

Michelle's depth knowledge and training in the HOCATT is second to none. Super excited about the overall experience and the journey forward.

Greg Hart

I just completed my advanced hocatt ozone training with Michelle. Her knowledge and expertise is beyond what I had expected to learn. Thank you for creating a comfortable, safe space to soak up all your knowledge.

Charlene Forbes

I’ve been having treatments with Michelle for 5 years now and she has made a world of difference to my skin, it feels and looks so much less congested. Her treatments are divine (I often fall asleep!), she is always learning the latest techniques and is so knowledgeable and tailors each facial to your skin's needs that day. I feel they are facials based on science rather than the bog standard ones in most salons; dermabrasion, derma planing and ultrasound are used as needed and I feel you get great value for money. I have also had HOCATT ozone treatments which are fantastic for improving my general health.

Jennifer Hill

I Highly recommend Michelle's Buccal facial massage. I had my first experience of it today, and it was divine! I had no clue how much tension I was holding in my jaw and inside my mouth. My skin feels fantastic. I'm hooked and will be back for more of these 'inner facials'. - I'm a huge fan of your work!


I’m always looking for the best ways to upgrade my health & energy. Michelle is a one-stop shop for all the highest-quality technology & bio-hacking options. She has an amazing atmosphere, goes above and beyond what I expect, always helpful with fitting me into her schedule. I leave feeling blessed by her 5-star excellent service. I’m so grateful that I am in good hands. Thank you for all that you do.


Absolute bliss! I was gifted a PEMF treatment with reflexology and a facial, from the moment I entered Michelle's little sanctuary, I was at ease that she was a professional who truly understood my skin's needs. The PEMF identified and targeted all the areas of inflammation in my body. The reflexology worked on the internal scarring from previous surgeries and my skin feels smooth, supple and blemish-free, I can't wait to return and repeat!


Michelle is amazing. She's knowledgeable and professional. My husband and I have had numerous treatments, and since he broke his neck and had surgery, she has worked wonders on his movement and pain. Haven't found anyone else that comes close. Thank you, Michelle!


My 6 week throat problem, which had only worsened, even after a doctor's and specialist's visit, was healed after 3 consecutive visits of 25 minutes in the HOCATT.


Michelle has healing hands. Very special person!! Thanks for always making me feel special!


Always relaxing. Michelle has a unique presence to make you feel so comfortable. I leave every session happy & my skin looks amazing.


I have been visiting Michelle for the highest quality treatments for nearly 10 years. I love how she customizes her treatments for your needs. Her massage techniques are incredible, and I especially love the reflexology. I recommend her to all of my friends.

Shelley D

Michelle was absolutely amazing from the start, I went there with an open mind and was excited to try the buccal massage hoping she could relieve some of my tmj pain and she blew me away and really knew her stuff. I am looking forward to going back.


First Timer! Fantastic experience, I did HOCATT Ozone steam system, PEMF & Reflexology. Michelle is very knowledgeable and easy to be relaxed with, I love all her healing vibes & experience, worth every cent. I'm glad I found you

Honey bee

5 stars for 5 star treatment. Michelle is so skilled at what she does. Love that is tailored to you & what your skin needs & not just one size fits all. The new buccal massage is definitely worth trying. Highly recommend. Thanks, Michelle.

A West

Incredible Experience. Michelle is such an incredible and knowledgeable human being. Her space is welcoming and relaxing, but above all, she went above and beyond to make us comfortable. We made this a family outing and what a great return on investment. We were so relaxed, calm and tension-free afterwards. I literally can’t wait to do more sessions. Thanks, Astrid Asre Ricardo’


I love relaxing here and being truly pampered whilst knowing my skin is being treated with the best products by Michelle who is constantly updating her knowledge. She is really knowledgeable and very professional. The results are sensational. I highly recommend.

Kim D