I am Michelle Roberts-Gray (née Beele)

My heart was set becoming a nurse, dancer or teacher. I wanted to have freedom , help people , laugh , dance , play, give and receive love.

By the age of 10 , I had developed into a kind , very shy, gentle person, filled with compassion for people, plants and all of the animal kingdom. In these formative years, my inspiration was my adventurous spirited and deep thinking Father and my Dutch Grandmother, Anne Maria Beele, a midwife and a nurse for the mentally distressed, she was a mind full of stories and had unbelievable healing hands.

At this young age , I was already aware of a greater power, of healing energy and of my intuitive senses. Passionate about art and physiology, I studied make up, prosthetics, Aesthetics and Physiatrics after school and completed this international training as Valedictorian in 1988.

I worked, studied and specialised over the next few years in various methods of complementary healing therapies, skin care product science, medical aesthetics and more recently applications and science of Oxygen, Ozone and PEMF .

My work experience began in Knysna working a restaurant night job and working at two pharmacies during the day at the age of 19 ,selling various skin care brands and doing therapy, helped me understand customer service, sales , a polite and good hard working ethic.On returning to Cape Town, I sought after and was accepted into one of the top clinics in the city , Chelsea Health & Beauty ,owned by Sonia Higgo .The company changed hands and evolved into the Chelsea Aesthetic Centre now owned and run by Melanie Garthwaite. I worked independently for a few years while getting married, living in Johannesburg for a while and on returning to the Cape, we settled, started a family and had my gorgeous children, altogether I enjoyed a good eight years working , managing and specialising under the nickname “Bubbles” in this awesome business.http://www.chelseaspa.co.za/contact.

I then spent three years creating ,the Majestic Spa in Kalk Bay for developer Paul Boehmke.I designed layout , employed and trained , created treatment menu ,adverts and uniforms.It was an incredible project however my health took a turn with diagnosis of early cancer detection and I returned to working independently.https://www.themajesticspa.co.za/ Please Check out the pictures on google under the Majestic Spa Kalk bay.I am so proud of what we achieved here.

I took a break away to Thailand in 2010, to heal after my operation, observe the healing therapies and culture there. I started up independently again focusing on and including oxygen- ozone therapy in the form of the HOCATT on all my clientele. I was invited to be part of the regional support team for Skin Renewal while they built up their new branch “TheOasis”.https://www.skinrenewal.co.za/skin-renewal-cape-quarter.

I immigrated in 2012 , introduced the concept of HOCATT Technology to New Zealand and successfully built my small business over five years, from my garage into a pretty Garden Spa Oxygen and Skin Renewal .My business grew rapidly, I chose to spend more time on Ozone awareness and wellbeing for the community so condensed the wellbeing side of the business to what I am today. I was contracted by The Oropi Hot Pools, to design a brand new eco friendly spa, from the positioning and floor plan on their land, to design and finishing touches of the therapy, selecting and training their two staff members , for everyone to enjoy beauty treatments in a lovely spa and so Oxygen Spa at Oropi Pools was born. http://www.oropipools.co.nz/oxygen-spa.html

I now have freedom and time to develop my interests between, working from my private home based clinic and traveling , nationally and internationally providing therapies as Michelle`s Oxygen Ltd .I Represent and train for Signature Health Ltd , developers of the HOCATT ozone technology, in Australasia and I furthering my studies and thirst for knowledge in the areas of teaching and developing COMMUNITY HEALTH.

My Mum is my permanent coach her guidance has been unbelievable. My children Guy and Storm who are so supportive and really grown up now, are my blessings, my dream come true and are the beautiful driving force behind my choices of living a fulfilling, honest life and I have so much more to share with them in the future.

Mentors for me over the past 30 years have varied , from the Knysna Rastafarian wood folk ,Sonja Higgo, an Alexander technique specialist, herb and plant oil guru who told me “the sky is your limit”, to Melanie Garthwaite and Dr Alek Nikolic, both leaders I worked with in anti Age medicine , machinability and aesthetic enhancement. Spa design, education and support with Dr Maureen Allem, was a big part of my experience, making me realise, I wanted to “bridge the gap “ between science and natural therapies. Dr Frank Shallenberger, pioneer in Ozone healing therapies. A LIFE changing coach, Sally Anderson and my continued inspiration, guide and angel, President Nelson Mandela , whom I had the honour of working on for nine years whilst in Cape Town South Africa.

Happy with my choices that have lead me where I am today.I look forward to doing my Bachelor of Community Health Degree in 2019.I continue to help people, laugh, give and receive love and focus on drawing freedom, health and abundance to my family -

“I am a beautiful woman here to shine light and vitality to the world”


Oxygen Ozone therapist
30 years in the industry of Health and Beauty
Diploma with Honours for Aesthetics , physiatrics and make up prosthetics La Belle Madame 1987.
ITEC international Physiatrics Diploma 
ITEC international Aesthetics Diploma 
ITEC international Electrology Diploma 
Ingham International Institute of Reflexology  
Institute of Clinical Aromatherapy Eve Taylor basic
Institute of Clinical Aromatherapy Eve Taylor advanced
CASA VITA Shiatsu certificate in Namikoshi System 
Certificate for Capillary Cauterization 
ITEC international Certificate in Electrical Epilation 2. 
Cidesco SAIBth certificate for introduction to Laser Therapy 1993 
Diploma in small business management
Emergency First Aid Cert registered
First and Second Degree Certificate Reiki USUI SHIKI RYOHOS Healing 
Full founder member Association Of Aromatherapists South Africa 
Basic and Advanced Course completion in Angelology (study of angels)
Certificate for Variable and Intense Pulsed Light Therapy -ENERGIST & TITON THERMAGE.
Post Grad certificate in machinability. 
Certificate of Training Ozonology and Oxygen Application 
MediTrain Workplace First Aid certificate 
Registered Company and Registered to import Medical Devices ie Ozone Sauna.
My work with O2 and O3 have been done since 2010
Introduced HOCATT ozone steam sauna Global healing device into New Zealand.
Australasian facilitator for Signature Health
Certified Ozone therapy training Dr Frank Shallenberger October 2015.
Member of Australasian Integrative medicine association
Member of Ozone Without Borders Association.
Member of Breathe N.Z
Health care Assistant nurses Diploma
Voices of Autism certification
N.Z Adult Teaching L5